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Animal agriculture is important to our economy and is an important part of 4-H and FFA. Working with and exhibiting animals is a great experience! Not only do you gain knowledge about animals, but you also develop responsibility, good sportsmanship, and confidence.

However, there are diseases that can be spread between people and animals, whether on the farm or at a fair. These courses were created to teach you how to keep yourself and your animals safe and healthy so that you can continue to enjoy showing and teaching others about animal agriculture.

The resources on this page can be implemented in various ways. Suggestions include incorporating into a classroom curriculum, use in 4-H projects in animal or human health, preparation for FFA contests, use in competitions between clubs or chapters, or requiring completion in order to show at local or state fairs/exhibitions.

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Disease Transmission and Outbreak Investigation: Mucous Swap

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Disease Transmission and Biosecurity Activity

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Personal Protective Equipment Activity

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Materials from these Bring Home the Blue, Not the Flu courses have also been adapted onto additional platforms to facilitate ease of use in various classroom settings. Please see the following links to Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Teachers Pay Teachers for additional free resources including educational content, classroom activities, assignments and more!

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